Here are some responses from some of our video purchasers after viewing one or more of our orthodontic laboratory training videos:

  • · “The visual and descriptive quality of these (videos) make them a major contribution to the industry, and a must for any laboratory needing to train or expand into orthodontic technology.”
    John B. Howard, CDT Director or Dental Technology, Bates Technical College, Tacoma, Washington
  • · “Great educational tool! Highly productive time spent viewing these”
    Clarence Spring, RDT Complete Dental Laboratory Services, Inc. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • · “The videos contain lots of information, especially for people with little or no experience. Jay shows a lot of his secrets and tricks of the trade. Since watching the videos, my production time has increased 60% to 90% on all appliances”.
    Jose Miranda-Filho Vallejo, California
  • · “Love the videos!...I think it was a good investment. Thanks!”
    Vicky Cabe, Owner Orthodontic Appliances Atlanta, Georgia
  • · “We purchased your library of tapes and want to personally thank you for sharing your expert knowledge with us. We feel you have contributed a great deal to our success.”
    Pamela Rein and Vickie Rojas, Owners
    A Touch Above Dental Lab Scottsbluff, Nebraska
  • · “A God-send!...Best investment I ever made!”
    Gail Shoaf, Owner Ortho Depot Winston-Salem, NC www.orthodepot.com
  • · “The instructions are so good that we almost feel you are here with us giving step by step assistance all along the way.”
    Gil Moon, Owner Moon Orthodontic Laboratories Fort Collins, Colorado
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