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  • The Language of Dentistry Basic anatomy, terminology, and the properties of wire, acrylic, and solder are explained in this DVD.
  • Equipment and Supplies A survey of the basic equipment and supplies needed to start an orthodontic lab, including wires, pliers, and machinery, etc.
  • Study Models How to pour, trim and finish study models.
  • Retainers Step-by-step how to construct retainers: how the different clasps are bent, how to bend labial bows, and how to pour and finish acrylic.
  • Modified Retainers How to bend and solder springs, articulate cases, make posterior and anterior bite planes.
  • Spring Retainers How to set up anterior teeth and bend and make upper and lower spring retainers.
  • Space Maintainers How to bend and solder band and loop, lingual arch, and Nance appliances--also, how to fit bands on the model.
  • Space Regainers How to make coil-spring-loaded space regainers and other various designs.
  • Habit Appliances How to make tongue thrust and thumb suck habit appliances in various designs.
  • Fixed Expanders Step-by-step construction of the Porter appliance (W arch), Quad-helix, banded and bonded rapid palatal expansion appliances.
  • Pedodontic Partials How to set up pedodontic denture teeth and make fixed and removable kiddie partials.
  • Schwarz How to make upper and lower Schwarz appliances.  Also included: fan Schwarz, two screw, three-way, with/without bite planes.
  • Nord Construction procedures for the unilateral arch expansion Nord appliance are detailed.
  • Jackson Step-by-step how to make the lower Jackson expansion appliance.
  • Sagittal Appliances How to construct upper and lower sagittal two types of upper: to advance the pre-maxilla and to distalize --plus variations and modifications: three-way, segmented.
  • Bionator How to fabricate the three basic types of bionator: to open, to close, and to maintain bite with modifications and variations.
  • Herbst How to make the bonded/removable Herbst appliance--with transpalatal bar or RPE screw; also, how to add buccal tubes.
  • Crozat Bending, soldering, and finishing the upper and lower Crozat appliances with auxiliary springs and attachments.
  • Frankels How to construct the four basic Frankel appliances.
  • Splints How to construct several types of splints for bruxism and TMJ dysfunction.
  • In-Office Laboratory Tutor How to pour bubble free impressions, place bands in impressions, shows common bow, clasp and spring adjustments plus eight common repair techniques, with and without a model.

Ortho Demo DVD -- A 5-minute DVD overview of all 21 instructional titles including a few seconds of actual footage from each title. Not an instructional DVD but designed to show the viewer the production quality and style of the DVD series.

A payment is required for each demo ordered to cover actual distribution costs. Subsequent orders for any instructional DVD(s) placed within 30 days will be given a credit for demo purchase..

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